Monday, 26 September 2011

How To Get a Raise in a Recession: Know your company's financial health

Step 1: Know your company's financial health

Know your company’s financial health. If it’s robust, the recession should have no bearing on whether or not you should get an increase.

How To Get a Raise in a Recession: Ask for a promotion

Step 2: Ask for a promotion

If your company has instituted a salary freeze, see if you can justify asking for a promotion; they are often exempt from the no-raises policy.
How To Get a Raise in a Recession: Time it

Step 3: Time it

Ask for a raise right after you’ve done something valuable. If you wait for your review period, the glow of your triumph may have faded.
How To Get a Raise in a Recession: Justify it

Step 4: Justify it

Explain exactly why you deserve more money. That’s often easy to do during a recession, when layoffs mean that employees who were retained have taken on the work of those who were let go.
How To Get a Raise in a Recession: Ask for a consolation prize

Step 6: Ask for a consolation prize

If more money is completely out of the question, ask for some other kind of compensation, like more vacation time, stock options, or the ability to work from home. Or consider asking for a better title; it could help you land a higher-paying job when the economy recovers.
How To Get a Raise in a Recession: Be nice

Step 5: Be nice

Ask with confidence, but ask nicely. Come across as enthusiastic about the company, not resentful.


  1. Very interesting. Good Stuff.

  2. I'm having a very hard time reading your print. This looks like a cool site and I'd live to see it better! LOL!

  3. lol dunno if these tips would work for me but interesting none the less.

  4. Some mighty fine advice, I'll definitely use it when asking for a higher price. Follow too, just like you.

  5. great advice. unfortunately the world is full of greedy bastards. the only way this method may prove effective is with smaller companies where the owners/managment may care. these days corporate culture doesn't permit understanding and fairness :)

  6. What a great post!
    You have ideas.
    Congrats for your little "weird ideas industry."

  7. Hmmm, I guess it's worth a try right?