Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Private Servers for WoW. Arc emu vs Trinity vs ManGOS

OOOOoooooo how i loathe the set up process to this. 

So i have been working on trying to set up a local wow server in pure command-line fashion ;) so far i have tried:
  • Arc-emu- So far, not to bad to be honest, but in my opinion, the project is a mess. Difficult and contradicting wiki information leads to a VERY messy install procedure. I must say, its biggest crux is Database support. Simply terrible. Wont be visiting this anytime again.

  • ManGOS- At first seemed to be a great option, but scripting support is implemented in a very "duct tape" fashion. Overly complicated compiling procedure. may return here one day.

  • Trinity Core- FINALLY a emu that actually DOES ITS OWN DATABASE. What a sane idea! I found this one a little weird to be honest, alot of users complain about the difficulty of implementing this emu, however i found it to be pretty breezy! I'm currently trying to rectify a compilation error as i forgot to set some install paths, so i have no idea were it went xD. Over all, SUPER organised project. looks great. definitely will be returning here.
So that's a brief overview of some of the options available. There are alot more then just these available but i didn't have time to compile and work on them all, (only have a P4 lol) 
if anyone else has worked with any other emus, id love to hear about it in the comments!

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