Tuesday, 11 October 2011

More changes to the Foundry!

Hello everyone, i had a friend mention to me that my site was not very widescreen friendly :( 
So i decided to change to a triple column format as the site grows and gets more content. I've also threw a handy little tag/label nav bar right at the top. Theres going to be more and more changes coming as i have time to throw myself into this. If the changes aren't apparent to you, you need to clear your cache. Refer to my earlier post on how to do that. Other then that, I have a "to-do" of sorts that i'd like to do in order to help Idea Forge grow. ("I'm in this for the long haul now :)")
  • WAY WAY WAY more content
  •  Slow migration to a website
  • Traffic
  • Find a proper niche for the site
  • Monetize properly. (Sponsorship etc)
  • Consult with other bloggers/website "Get a good network going"
If any bloggers here have any experience on these areas, i'm all ears!


  1. Its coming along very well but you need a blog roll with my blog listed on it :-).

  2. I'll see what i can do about that ;)