Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Getting to know your blogger :P

Hello everyone, with the recent influx of new users to the blog, i thought id make a little post about who i am, and what i do. I'll try to keep it as short as possible, but think about how difficult it would be to sum up who you are as a person! :P anyways, i think a good description of me would be army brat, metal head, tech nerd. 

I live in Windsor Ontario Canada. My hometown sucks, no pride about it at all xD. It's been sold out over and over again by our city council and it currently in a giant depression with no end in sight.

Some of my hobbies are my band "Hammerdown" <-- link to some tunes as well.

I also repair computers/program/network computers in my spare time. I'm primarily a linux user, my distro of choice is ubuntu. I'm currently learning some embedded computing stuff. Enjoying it immensely. 

I'm still looking for steady day to day work badly as i'm currently under the poverty line xD. But i make due with what resources i have and work hard for more. That's one of the many reasons i decided to start this blog lol. I was out of milk one day i thought to myself wouldn't it be great if somehow the internet payed for my milk! (I'm weird i know, hence the blog title) So i started blogging and hoping!! I'll actually post a picture of me with a goofy smile and a big ass glass of milk if that day ever happens :P

Anyways, im going to go back to my tinkering, but im also wondering, what kind of articles would you guys be interested in? hardcore techie stuff? music? development? im kind of all over the grid as alot of different things interest me :P lets hear about it in the comments!


  1. You can tell how hardcore that mosher is by the magnitude of his pit stain. Good tunes by the way! Keep the metal coming!

  2. Hmmm the more random the better. I'd go with interesting stuff from your daily life. Perhaps funny stories that happened you, or just random crap that entertains people. I'm the best example that random is good, i just post random stuff and for some reason people seems to like it hahahah

  3. Love me some Knoppix - Moolux - Backtrack

  4. Random is good. Canadian stuff is good (hello from Minnesota). Pictures/videos of guys at metal shows.



  5. but im also wondering, what kind of articles would you guys be interested

    Doing pretty good right now.

  6. I think that random is best. I am a business man myself and a geek. So maybe things you got to say about the companies you use in the tech world or how you feel of the business practices these software developers are using to keep their intellectual content safe in the long run.

  7. Good to know your tech knowledge beside your past experience as ex serviceman.
    what are your views on canadian politics?
    Are you worried about babyboomers' negative effect on Canadian economics?
    How can we get out of recession worries?
    Don't worry if you are not comfortable with my simple querry.
    I like your blog--please keep it up my friend.

  8. post what you like bro, I always like reading different things that I did not know about.

  9. Long Live Metal Music!!!

  10. Post stuff that gets you off dude.. long live the queen of Getsmeoff

  11. Nice, hope you'll find some good job soon :)

  12. Great to know more about you :) And as for posts, you can post whatever you like, sir! Anything goes works fine with me. That last photo with that guy totally getting into the moshpit vibe made me laugh... idk if it's the look on his face, or his pit stains lol (if he's a friend of yours, i'm sorry lol)


    A Single Girl's Musings

  13. Thanks for the post. Good to get to know others more. Im still new to blogging and atm, not sure what I shall post, so just posting nothing while searching for more blogs to get inspiration from. You definitly have found a long time follower / fellow blogger here.

  14. Yeah I agree with most of the comments here, you have an eye for the random and I'd stick with that. Hope the milk flows for you.

  15. Random is good :) I have to say that really,
    techy ? i got lost at linux ...ubunto???
    candian, thats almost Australian LOL
    I will be brave and click on the music link...will it hurt my ears? do you scream into the mike? LOL

  16. Variation is good, going to deep into specific subjects can be hard to do on blogs imo! keep it up!