Thursday, 29 September 2011

Q and A

Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had/is having a good day, a number of users the other day had a couple questions for me, and i plan on answering them! So here it goes!

"how do you feel of the business practices these software developers are using to keep their intellectual content safe in the long run?"

- Well i would have to say i'm not very impressed at all. Much of the intellectual content coming out now is highly unoriginal and gouging to the wallet. They make it terribly inconvenient to operate alot of there software/games due to the amount of DRM attached to it and ultimately, hurt performance. Hackers will always break the locks, its what we do, why keep developing bigger badder locks? time to move on to a different idea i think. I think this graphic sums it up:

"what are your views on canadian politics? Are you worried about babyboomers' negative effect on Canadian economics? How can we get out of recession worries?"

Well to start, Canadian Politics -
To be honest, i don't follow any politics that much as the only thing i hear about them is quite negative, and the only time it has effected my life, it has been in a negative way. Our contries head is so far up its own ass in my opinion its stunning. Our taxes are WAY to high same with our cost of living, compounded by the recession in my area, lets just say breadlines are a real thing here. Yet, when i go 1km north to Detroit, it's amazing how much cheaper things are/cost of living in such a close geography.
Were definitely doing SOMETHING wrong.

Are you worried about babyboomers' negative effect on Canadian economics?
To be honest im far to uneducated in this topic to really have an opinion! sorry!

Blogger Pearl : Hello to you to! (and i bet you want more pics of metal guys! xD just kidding. hello from windsor!)

Blogger Heaven. Nice to meet you as well! :P

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Dude what?! xD

Anyways, im off to bed, hope everyone has a great day!!!


  1. I have similar views on the Patent system. Its messed up. Imagine all the people living for today...

  2. sharing all the world I mean, is better for the patents :P

  3. oh god piracy, such a lovely occupation.

  4. yay, pro piracy without getting into the technical definition of theft! ily <3

  5. I know piracy is bad, but it's oh so cheap and as you explained you save so much time hahaha

  6. What would I do without piracy. :D

  7. Long live Piracy ;) I support this.
    Check out my blog sometime!

  8. I love people who don't support piracy, better free software for me!

  9. Nice Q and A. I've pirated a LOT of stuff. The thing is, about 99% of it I have never watched. It's funny like that. I usually by the DVD anyway.

  10. piracy rules, i can't afford to pay for it :(

  11. Haha, that picture is terrific. I've got tons of friends who download everything they watch, and it's definitely nice to skip previews (movies) and commercials (TV shows). Thanks for following me; following you back!